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"If you have ANY digestion issues, see this doctor. This man helped me, my son, and my daughter! Before my treatment, I wasn't able to eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or eggs without an extreme reaction. My stomach was always on edge even after eliminating all these foods. One accidental exposure to Mayo would have me sick all day. The same day I started treatment, I was able to eat whatever I wanted.

If I ever have any stomach issues, I can go in, feeling like I'm about to explode and feel instantly better once I'm adjusted. 30 seconds later and I'm a whole new person. My energy and mood have also improved! I can eat normally, and not have to spend a million dollars on specialty foods anymore.

The technique he uses is different than any other place I've been, it's gentle, he uses an adjusting tool, no cracking or discomfort, and it has been 100 percent accurate for us every time.

My daughter was having bowel movements so intense that she was scream crying on the toilet for days at a time. I felt so helpless. We even eliminated gluten to be able to calm it down but she still had issues. After seeing Dr. Brown, she can eat like a normal kid and poop freely, with no cries. She loves going in and I love that she's no longer in pain. That is PRICELESS.

My son wasn't sleeping through the night still at 9 months, waking often, and was struggling with crawling. The same day he got adjusted he started crawling freely and sleeping well. He only wakes up once a night to eat, and he even helped with some digestion issues he was having, as well as clearing up the congestion that lead to ear infections. I literally can't say enough. This whole experience has totally changed our lives. Worth every penny, I only wish I had found him sooner!"

- Megan D.


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